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"On Duty, On Guard, and Ready to Serve...a Noble Duty."


New and Returning Customers. Thank You!

We are:

A Special Event, Corporate Security, Project Risk Management, and Legal Dispute Resolutions Consulting Firm,

proudly serving Georgia since 1996. 

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A Strategic, Intelligent, and More Comprehensive Approach to Securing, Protecting and Resolving Conflicts in Your Workplace.

"Safety and Security begins with the Right Mindset, which must be followed by Adequate, Effective Actions.

***Remember: You are Only as Safe and Secure as You Reasonably Think and Believe You Are!"

          WE CAN HELP YOU... 

             to Create and Maintain that Reality!

"Between Stimulus and Response, there's a space. What you have filled that space with, will determine your Success or Failure when Confronted with a Crisis. 

***WE HELP YOU to be Effectively Prepared to Prevent or Resolve Conflicts and to Handle a Risk Crisis whenever such occurs."


"On Duty, On Guard, and Ready to Serve...a Noble Duty."


What Customers are Saying About Our Services:

I have worked with six or seven security companies when in Atlanta. You guys Killed It!!! It is such a pleasure and joy to not have to worry about that (our equipment, the actors, and personnel) during a film project! 

Thanks, Man!

~Disney Film Productions, Locations Executive (August 2018)

"And then, there You Are...still Unique and Highly Valued, among our 

Many Happy and Satisfied Customers--

Our Ultimate Business Goal!"

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The Divine Warrior

"Put on the whole Armour of God, that you may  Stand Against evil."

Ephesians 6:11

© 2018 

Knight Shield Risk Management, Inc.

196 Peachtree St.

Atlanta, Ga. 30303

Phone: 404.557.0528

Mailing Address:

PO Box 921

Decatur, GA 30031

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