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Strategic Planning, Aligned Tactical Actions= Greater Success & Satisfaction!

"Ready to Protect, Serve and Secure...a Noble Duty."

"Safety and Security begins with the Right Mindset, which must be followed by Adequate, Effective Actions. Remember: You are Only as Safe and Secure as You Reasonably Think and Believe You Are!

WE CAN HELP YOU Create and Maintain that Reality"


"Ready to Protect, Serve and Secure...a Noble Duty."

Protection & Security

We provide highly professional, engaging, and interpersonal security professionals in the following areas:

-Armed and Unarmed Security Enforcement Officers and/or VIP Protection for: 

-Special Events

-Risk Mgmt. Project Planning, Auditing, Coordinating, and Staffing

-Film Productions & Locations

-Corporate and Commercial Office Buildings

-Access Control/Policy Compliance


-Protective Orders

-Neighborhood Watch & Patrols

-Employee Termination Surveillance Staffing and Monitoring



ADR-Alternative (Legal) Dispute Resolutions

-Expert Employment Law Paralegals

-Mediators & Negotiators

-EEO Counselors and Investigators

-3rd Party EEOC Representatives


Management/Staff Consulting and Training

A Winning Team...should be a Top Priority Goal and Mission of ALL Organizations!!! In fact, studies show that a happier, motivated and more engaged staff are exponentially more productive than otherwise.

  • We offer highly effective, interactive training courses such as:

~The Effective New Manager/Supervisor

-From Buddy to Boss

-Effective Employee Engagement Strategies

-Developing a Mentoring and/or Leadership Program

-Scenario-Based Supervisor/Manager Development Programs (6-12 wks)

~The Great Communicator

~Counseling and/or Motivating Employees

~Developing Your Soft Skills for Success

-G.A.P. Skills for Promotion

-Workplace Violence Prevention

~Verbal Judo to De-escalate Conflict

~How to Give Constructive Criticism

-Valuing Diversity

~Standards of Conduct and Ethics

-OSHA Standards for a Safe Workplace

~Employment Law Review and Updates

-Sexual Harassment Prevention & Investigations

~How to Terminate Legally


Personal Protection

Crimes such as robbery, rape, abduction, assault and car-jacking are, unfortunately, quite common in our society. In 2009, there were approximately 24 million such crimes across America. Many of these crimes are violent and vicious. And yet, too many of these crimes end unnecessarily in the tragic deaths of innocent people who were minding their own business and going about their lives. 

Odds are, one day somebody you know, or you yourself will be victimized or traumatized. Unless however, proactive steps are taking to ensure that, if ever confronted with such nefarious perpetrators, you are prepared, skilled and/or equipped to handle yourself, and thereby  save your, and/or your loved ones' lives.



Securing Your Home & Family

We should all, without any worries, be able to come home and relax, and feel safe and secure. Unfortunately, bad guys with bad minds and bad intentions, spends many hours a day plotting various ways to exploit and prey on this  reasonable, tranquil, quite vulnerable perspective and moments in our lives. However, those who are most prepared, are most likely to avoid being victimized by such pernicious predators. (For example, burglars are 60 times more likely to avoid your home if they see alarm system signs or even hear a barking dog!)



GA Board Certification 

for Armed Security)

Anyone interested in working as an armed security guard in the State of Georgia, must receive State Board training and obtain an armed certification from the Secretary of State's Board of Private Detectives and Security Professionals. This card is otherwise known as 'Blue Card" as opposed to the 'White Card' that one receives when they receive their weapons permit from the local courthouse, etc. (which does not authorize one to actual work as an armed guard).



"Solid, yet with Adaptive Flexibility, Customer Focused 

Service Agreements."

What our Customers Are Saying...

"The 100% Guarantee came with 100% Satisfaction! Quite Impressive and Responsive Customer Service! Best choice I've EVER made when contracting Risk Management Services! Shaheed and his Team, ROCKS!!! I'm a fan for life!

Chaz McIntosh - Porsche International, Inc. (2016)

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